The Tenth Doctor

Not impossible. Just a bit unlikely.

Fans of the Tenth Doctor
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Fans of the Tenth Doctor, come join us!

by the_10thdoctor
[so what's this?]
It's a community for fans of the tenth Doctor who need their Ten fix, always, all the time. David might be leaving the show to go on to be even bigger, even better and even more famous, but the tenth Doctor is still in our hearts and minds. This is the place to go when you want to find him.

[are there rules?]
Yes, we have rules. We also have mods who will enforce them. So, please appease the mods and stick to the rules!
1. Anything involving Ten is welcome. Any ship, het, gen or slash, any kink, any rating and any genre is accepted. The only condition is that your contibution must involve the tenth Doctor in some way or other.

2. Any spoilers - plot or casting - for episodes that have not yet aired in the UK, US, or Canada must be placed under a cut. When in doubt, ask a mod - we'll be posting when which episodes were aired when.

3. Fanfiction, graphics, photos, essays, recipes, Ten-dress-up-dolls and DIY guides to making your own tenth Doctor coat must be placed under a cut.

4. Be nice, be polite, and be sensible.

5. Any aspect of Doctor Who may be discussed - as long as it involves Ten - but remember that we're all here because we love the show. If you're prone to letting your personal hangups get in the way of our perfectly good fangirl (or boy) squeeing, then you probably don't belong here. Discussion and criticism is fine, but personal rants and character bashing should be left at the door.

6. Vote Saxon! And stop stealing the Doctor's socks; the poor man will freeze in those trainers without them.
[who's the go-to guy?]
Any questions or problems, use the page-a-mod post or send a message to one of the mods - x_bluerose_x/bluerose_buka, midknight_starr or t_eyla. If you want to affiliate your community with us, please contact us to let us know. Thanks!

[any affiliations?]

[anything else?]

by midknight_starr
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