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I've now got up 15 new Dr. Who music videos for downloading, 10 with David Tennant

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I put up my 15th music video today for the new Dr Who seasons. They range across all the doctors and their companions. Only 5 of them show only Matt Smith. I've been making music videos for various fandoms since 1985 or so. Each is zipped into a package which needs to be downloaded and unzipped to play. For many browsers, just double clicking on the file will unzip it. There's always two versions: a larger and sharper one (mpg), and a smaller and fuzzier one (mp4). Please let me know if you find any problems.

Voices, Solitary Man, Heroes and Friends, Paths Will Cross, Crossroads, White is in the Winter Night, Greatest American (sorry about that) Hero, Carol of the Birds, Time After Time, Angels in the Snow.

All my best, Mary Van Deusen

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